10 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

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Dr. Elaine Williams-Morgan

Media & Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Educator

1. You have a great idea that you have been sitting on for years

You are an innovator, a thinker, a creator; then it’s time to get up, put your ideas on paper, and begin the steps to bring your idea to life.  Start your business!

2. You have skill, talents, and experience that you are not using

You have spent years training and preparing.  You have unmatched experience in your field. Put your training and experience to work in  your own business.

3. You have a passion that is not being pursued

Do you harbor a passion for something that you would really like to do, if you had all the time and all the money in life?  You will never have all the time or all the money you need, but you have the chance to pursue your passion by starting your own business.

4. You are worth far more than your current job is paying you

Do you feel overworked and underpaid in your current job, but know that you can do better than you are doing now?  Then it may be time to be overworked, but paid what you are worth.  Getting into the right business at the right time may be just right for you. Start your business and pay yourself.  Before long you will pay others.

5.  You have a chance to achieve financial independence

Are you constantly broke and unable to meet many of your basic financial obligations?  Owning Your Business could change your situation and help you gain financial independence.

6. You long for better use and control of your time

Do you feel trapped by your 9 - 5 schedule?   Owning your own business could change that.  Owning Your Business doesn’t mean you work less, it removes your 9 – 5 trap, and frees you to work on a schedule that works for you.   

7.  The chance to never be laid off again

Were you laid off from your job and still searching for another job?  It may be time to start your business and end your job search.  Starting your own business could protect you from ever being laid off again.

8. The opportunity to break free from unfulfillment

Is your job or career making you sad, depressed or unfulfilled?  It may be time to break free from your and unleash your creativity. Starting your business would allow you to pursue your passion, and achieve personal and professional fulfillment..

9. You get to keep the wealth you create

When you are employed, every hour of every day, every day of every week and every month of every year that you work, you use your time, your energy and your skills to create wealth for others.  Where does your wealth go?  And for what price?  Creating your business could change all of that.  When you own your business, the wealth you create is your own.

10.   You do not have enough money to start

If you do not have enough money to start a business, it may be time to start your business.  History is dotted with the stories of many great entrepreneurs and businesses moguls that started when there was not enough money to start the business.  If you do not have enough money it may be time to start your business. Start online, in your home, in your garage.  Take the leap!  Start your business.  Then share with us and inspire others.

Dr. Elaine Williams-Morgan is a Media & Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Business Educator. She blogs about Strategy & Innovation, Media Matters, and Entrepreneurship. Follow her posts at Focus on innovation with Dr. Elaine Williams-Morgan and at YourBusiness International Follow Elaine on Twitter @drElainea and on Facebook